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Boy has a girlfriend. Girl knows this, but she fucks him anyway. In his car after work, his shirt draped over the steering wheel and her underwear around one ankle. In her bed at her apartment when his Girlfriend is out of town. And once even in the Ladies Room when Boy brought his Girlfriend in to eat at the restaurant she works at on his day off.

Girl feels no remorse. She doesn't know Girlfriend, doesn't really care what happens. As far as Girl is concerned, Boy's skinny ass is hers while they're fucking, and that's really the only time she wants him.

Or, that's what she tells herself when she is lying in bed, alone and wide awake. Or when he is asleep on the other side of her bed, his arm slung across her hips, snoring a little.

She tells herself that she does not love him, because love and sex are two different things. Boy loves Girlfriend, he has sex with Girl. Boy and Girlfriend make love, slow and candle-lit, whispering in each other's ears breathless "I love you"s. Boy and Girl fuck, frantic and hot with Girl on top mostly, her head thrown back and sweaty while she tells him to fuck her harder, harder, harder. Boy and Girlfriend go on dates and she has met his family and knows his favorite color. Boy and Girl don't eat, just fuck, and Girl has met his family, too, but only because she was their server when they came in to eat at the restaurant, and she doesn't even know his middle name.

But Girl is okay with all of this because she likes Boy's tall, thin darkness, his tattoos and piercings. She is okay with all of this because she doesn't know Girlfriend and because Boy makes her laugh at work even when it's busy as hell, and because he makes her cum. Like crazy. Girl is okay with all of this because she's not getting caught, and if she does, it's over. She doesn't have to deal with the tears and the pain and the scarred heart, the breaking up and all those tearful "I thought I could trust you"s shouted at midnight.

That is why Girl loves to be the other woman. She never cries when they leave and her heart never gets broken.

Or, that's what she tells herself when she is fucking Boy and biting her lip to keep the word "love" from slipping out.


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