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Don't cry
My Love My Life
Always isn't always, forever isn't forever
Will tears fall with every thought of you?

Don't dwell
Mi Amor
Words spoken do not necessarily last
Will I hear your voice every waking moment?

Don't think
Forever's as far as you said you would go
Feelings return like a giant wave
Will I continue to feel I'm drowning without you?

Don't question
Two who tried
One unable to continue, one unable to stop
Will I ever stop needing to know why?

Don't dream
In sleep you always return
The Knight who vowed to fight for my honor
Will I ever close my eyes and not see your face?

Don't hope
It wasn't to be
To replace you with another
Will it always be too soon?

Don't remember
Words spoken, feelings shared
Promises made
Will I ever be able to forget?

Don't forget
Causing you to leave
Will I always remember?

Don't stop
Wanting your happiness
To see your smile
Will you ever leave my heart?


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