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my dearest haters, you are all volcanos

This is to all the girls who spread rumors about me, who backstab me, who act like my bestfriend to my face and turn around and talk about me like they despise me with every inch of their bodies.

This is to all the guys who use me, talk shit, lie about what they do with me, and act just like girls.
You are all volcanos.
Desiring what others have, not content to beitself.

Emotions building up,
longing to escape, churning like hot lavainside, burning.
Trapped, like thick steam,
when unable to bevented has no other choice, but to explode in a crash of sudden fury 

A whirlwind of ash and lava erupt nto the heavens,
like thefeelings once imprisoned within, now unleashed at last.
A display of fire and fury.
Words and emotions are spewed out,
unwilling to berestrained any longer, dormant for too long.


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i love this. its brilliant.

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